There are various methods to make particular types of pastry, and some can be quite tricky. Pastry dough recipes form the basis of a diverse range of treats: from croissants to croquembouche, éclairs to empanadas. Traditional pastries typically include animal fat or its derivatives, flour (traditionally sourced from wheat), eggs and water.

Vegans, or those seeking to follow a vegan diet, do not need to go through life without tucking into the many delights available in the pastry universe. Instead, Monarch has honed its specialty baking by replacing the few non-vegan ingredients mentioned above with vegan-friendly options.

Our Vegan desserts do not contain milk nor dairy products (yogurt, butter, cream, cheese, milk permeate, milk chocolate…), eggs, honey and animal gelatin. In many recipes, milk is replaced by plant milk (almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk and other plant milks) which can be also found with chocolate, vanilla, and other flavors; butter is replaced by vegetable margarine (preferably non-hydrogenated) or coconut oil; cow yogurt and cream are replaced by their plant-based alternatives, cheese by fresh tofu and milk chocolate by cooking chocolate or some other kind of dairy-free chocolate.

Vegan baking is just another area of the broader vegan lifestyle that is experiencing huge growth right now. More and more people are enjoying vegan pastries, especially when it’s hard to tell the difference between traditional pastries and vegan equivalents!

Do you know a Vegan in search of French Macarons, Apple Pie, or delicious White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut cookies? Send them our way!